Insurance Solutions

Pinnacle’s insurance consulting division specializes in Reinsurance Solutions for Automobile Dealers. Our unique programs offers the dealer the ability to custom design many aspects of our programs to meet their needs. Couple this with a level of superior management services and we are unmatched in the industry today.

Management Services

Pinnacle provides Reinsurance Company management services for their Dealer-Clients. These include product development, tracking premium and claims flow, setting up premium trust accounts, compiling quarterly data and presenting it in a useful report to all clients, arranging for annual tax return filings and handling all other details related to the management of the Dealer's Reinsurance Company.

Local Agents

Our agents provide professional on-site services to maximize dealership F and I income and ensure smooth operation of all programs at the dealership level. As independent agents their livelihood depends on providing their dealer/clients the best service possible and one of our jobs at Pinnacle is to give them the support they need to provide this exceptional level of service.


All of the executive officers of Pinnacle grew up in the automobile business and started their careers walking in the shoes of clients over 25 years ago. In addition, Pinnacle has over 10 years of experience in forming and managing Reinsurance Companies.

Pinnacle is the Mid-Atlantic Master General Agency for the Portfolio Vehicle Service Contract Program. Portfolio General Marketing Group, Inc. (PGMGI) is a premiere provider of Vehicle Service Contracts for our automobile dealership clients. The Portfolio Service Contract claims administration is provided by First Extended Service Corporation. Some of the many features of the Portfolio program include:

  • Customized Rates and Terms
  • Custom F&I promotional development
  • DMS Integrated F&I Menu Software
  • Net-Remittance of Claims
  • Net-Remittance of Cancellations
  • Visa card payment available for claims outside the dealership
  • Centralized Customer Claims & Service
  • Weekly payment of premiums to the Dealer Reinsurance Company
  • Complete reporting on all premiums, claims and reserves done quarterly
  • 100% control of investments

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